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Teen With Mild Acne, Do I Need To Start? Regimen

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Hi everyone im new to these forums, ive got mild acne and have done since i was 14 (17 in a weeks time) before this i had perfect skin infact i remember being told so by other pupils in my school but coming up to 14 i started getting a few pimpes and now at 17 i have quite a few small red marks across my face (i think they are scars but they don't go in like the scars i've saw on google images) they used to be just on my t zone but now ive started shaving they are across my jaw line aswell.

Anyway my acne is mild and it doesn't effect my social life but i hate the fact ive never had a day in 3 years where i have had clear skin, ive always had a red mark or spot and it stresses me out a little. Recently ive started to shower in the morning and wash my face with warm water before bed as i used to wash my face when i showered which would be once a day (in the morning) my skin now feels better as it is less oily but now my acne/red marks looks worse? I'm now getting more red marks across my face. It feels like if i only wash once a day my red mark go away but then i start getting more pimpes and my skin feels oily but if i was twice a day my skin isn't as oily and im getting less pimples but im getting more red marks and dryish patches.

Sorry to babble on, anyway should i start the regimen? im worried i will make it worse though :/ or just keep washing my face and wait for my acne to go away with age? as its not that bad and im presuming it's my hormones going crazy as im a teen.

Here's a pic from a few months back it's not very clear but its the only photo i have where you can see my acne (it's worse now then in the picture) im also drunk so ignore how stupid i look.





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hi mate, i think after reading this it sounds like twice a day sounds better for you, however if you do start doing twice a day and it seems to get worse then go back down to once just try different things out and see what works best for you as everyone is different.I am also 16 and have bad acne and after looking at your pic it really isn;t that noticeable at all.

Hope everything works out for you.

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Thank you hula-hoop and yeh il keep to washing twice a day with just water as i do now and see how it goes, but in that pic my acne looks alot better then it does now, ive got it across my jaw line and a bit more on my face now.



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