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Please Read This! Any Help Is Welcome. (+Pics)

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Ok...First of all sorry for my bad english. I'm not a native btw.

So...I started to get acne uhm...6 months ago. I'm 17 years old. The strange thing is that I get it ONLY on my lower cheeks. I have some whiteheads on my forehead but nothing much. Also my chin is pretty clear (some spots when my period is around the corner).

I used to be CLEAR. Well I also had acne some years ago (when I was 12-13) but it disappeared after I applied Zineryt (it is really effective. But it is an antibiotic so you're skin will get accostumated). Then came ones of my best years. I was pretty clear (juste some smaaaaaaall whiteheads which meant NOTHING to me)

And then....this summer I started to really bad acne (in my opinion). It's really awful! I went to my dermatologist and he said: "UHM...wel how old are you? Oh it's all about you beeing a teenager (I'm almost 18 for the God sake!). Just try skinoren it will help. But don't expect you to have perfect skin. This is not posible you know... (I told him that my father also had some spots when he was a teenager. JUST SOME SPOTS not acne)"

So I went home, I boght skinoren and I've tried it. It is better than nothing (Two months already). But my stubborn acne doesn't want to go away!!! And it is only on my cheeks. I'm really obsessed with it!!! I sped hours on the internet tryiing to find a cure or sth like this. Also I DON'T KNOW if my acne is severe, moderate, light or anything. (maybe you guys help me)

The wors thing is that my family doesn't support me. They say that I exagerate way toooo much (my mother has porcelain skin and she did sall her life so she doesn't know how I feel)

I also thought that it can be hormonal acne...Maybe you guys will tell me more. Help me please!!!!

I'm really depressed with this ....thing on my face!



So...yeah. Any help?

Oh I forgot to say that for one year I suffered from anorexia...and my periods stopped for 1 year and four months....

I got my first period (after 1 year and four months) 20 days ago...

Do you thing this also caused my acne?

And if did do you think that once my periods will be regular it will be everything all right?



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Yeah most likely it is hormonal . You might wanna get your hormones checked if you're that worried but I wouldn't suggest Birth control unless you want a quick fix and especially since you recovered from anorexia . I don't know everything about anorexia since I've never been there but I've seen some posts here that people say during their "stages" they would get clear skin . I guess because of the lack of periods and such . Idk but also your acne isn't THAT bad . It looks moderate to me and I would suggest using a simple and gentle skin care regimen to start off . :)

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