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just wanted a little insight on when to apply the following for proper results


SA 2%

Dan's AHA

Tretinoin 0.025%

CP serum

my current regiment is what i think is right but im not sure


wash face (dont remember the name of the cleanser)

SA 2% gel (stays on, not washed off)

Dan's AHA after 30mins


face wash


SA 2%

wait 1hr then Tretinoin

ive been told to try copper peptides for my shallow scars, rolling and one square looking one (indented not deep but noticeable). I've been using Tretinoin since late Oct. 2011. its helped a lot.

My problems come with when to apply CP serum and what to do one the days i shave for the other products. I guessed and have just been doing so ever since.. I apply epiduo as a spot treatment except on the days i shave(after shaving i apply it lightly all over, preventive measure).

I've had to switch exfoliating with a towel at night tim because i cant use AHA in AM without looking like a tomato. I also thought i couldnt use AHA and tretinoin together so i use it once a day. I exfoliate before shaving... is this good or bad?

My main acne prob is small nodules, the ones that hold clear liquid that ooze out continuously when lanced or pop. Fortunately i have it under control (crosses fingers) but the marks from them are depressing. Though AHA has reduced the redness quite a bit. I find my condition different than just the regular cystic nodule or pimple that ppl on this board get which leaves me wondering what to do. SA has shown to help by reducing my problem

I've done tons of research and been my own Doc/derm after visiting the derm and all he gave was 5min advise on what i already knew and a prescription to epiduo. any help is appreciated.

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I would contact your doctor's office for the order he/she recommends you apply them in. If you are using the AHA during the day, you should also be using a SPF 30 and above sunscreen during the day.

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