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I got a new foundation with salicylic acid in it. Instead of helping my skin, I got 10-15 clogged pores after only 2 days of wear. I've heard people say salicylic acid causes purging and basically brings all the gunk under your skin to the surface. Do you think that's what this is or do you think this is just another product that was a miss for me? Have you experienced purging due to facial cleansers and lotions or makeup with salicylic acid? How long did it last?

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Well first of all, which foundation is it?

Is it non comedogenic? It could be that your skin is adjusting to the SA if you've never used it before, or it could actually be causing clogged pores, depending on the other ingredients in it. I've never had a purging with make up or creams, but I've had initial breakouts with different oral medications and the clarisonic brush.

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It was Almay Clear Complexion... however, now that you mention it I did just start using the Olay Pro X Brush. It seems that this is the more likely culprit. Did the clarisonic continue to break you out and for how long? And then if it stopped, how long after that for everything to clear up? My skin just looks so terrible right now but if it helps in the future it's worth it. Do you like the clarisonic? (Sorry about so many questions!)

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