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I am having a problem with an ugly red mark that has lingered under my eye for about 3 months now. I think I got the spot back in October or something, so it has been ages now. The problem was that it didn't pop up in an ordinary place, but actually appeared on the delicate skin under the eye (where your 'bags' are) just above the cheek bone. At the time I thought this unusual, as I don't remember ever having a spot there before. Note that this was before I discovered this website and the regimen (which was in mid December), and was when I started getting a lot of breakouts (mainly forehead). It didn't seem to be an ordinary spot and it didn't hurt at all when gently pressing on it with my finger.

It was quite large and red with a whitish/yellowish head. Because of this I thought I could maybe prick it and drain the pus. So at the 2 week mark I got a sewing needle and put it in flame for a few seconds and tried to prick it. But it wasn't like an ordinary whitehead, and the head was tough and didn't prick. It hurt to put pressure on it, and I couldn't make a proper hole. In the end I gave up trying to prick it and put some antiseptic cream on afterwards. I imagine doing this didn't help matters. From then on I would put a little aloe vera gel on it because I heard that helped with healing and fading. I eventually stopped with that and just left it because it didn't seem to do anything.

It's definitely improved since back then, and no longer protrudes (the protrusion went down fairly quickly). But it left behind an ugly red mark right under my eye that has been fading so slowly as to be almost imperceptible. In fact it's probably the most noticeable red mark right now. It looks like it could be a minor burn or welt. And it has been like 3 months!! I searched this website for information on spots under the eyes but only found a reference to them being 'unheard of' in that place! I've also done a google search but that generally brings up references to milia, and it isn't milia.

I'm quite confused why I got it there in the first place, and am wondering if anybody has experienced the same problem? Is it unusual to get spots in this place? If so might it tell me something about my spot problem, not only there but in general? Note that I have been wearing a sleep mask to block out light in the morning, but I wash it regularly and it's good quality. Right now I don't put it on at night and just go to sleep, but if I am disturbed by light early in the morning I'll put it on and go back to sleep for a couple of hours. So I only really wear it 2-3 hours a night. I'm getting some blackout curtains so that I don't need one.

Lastly, how can you treat the area under the eye? As far as I am aware you should avoid putting anything on the skin under the eye and I generally do. But I have some 10% AHA lotion which I bought for spot fade and was wondering whether it would be okay to dab a little bit on the red mark there, to try speed up the fading? Will it definitely fade eventually?


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