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Can You Make Benzaclin By Mixing Bp With Clindamycin?

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Sorry if this has been asked on the boards several times before, but I'm curious as to know if mixing BP with Clindamycin will work just as effectively as Benzaclin does.

Because when I was using Benzaclin samples last year for a couple of months I noticed that ALL of my acne disappeared. Unfortunately, my Benzaclin samples ran out, and I had to resort back to using the DKR benzoyl peroxide, which doesn't help my skin nearly as much as Benzaclin did, it only helps get rid of current acne, and never prevents breakouts in my case.

I've heard that buying Benzaclin costs a couple hundred dollars though, and they unfortunately only sell it in TINY 2 oz bottles, which is fucking RIDICULOUS! You can get a 2 oz bottle of DKR Benzoyl Peroxide for like 20x cheaper. But unfortunately, like I said, BP doesn't work as well for me, but still, them selling such a little amount of Benzaclin (Which could probably only last me for a month) is fucking ridiculous. But if Benzaclin is the only thing that will really clear up my skin (Other than trying Accutane) then I guess I'll have to go that route for now.

But spending umm..... $200 (Assuming Benzaclin is no more than $200 a bottle) a month on that is insane.....I presume if I had good insurance there would be no issue here....

But if making it yourself is possible by mixing products, I don't even know how you get Clindamycin topicals in the first place, though. Are those really that common? If so, how much do they cost with a prescription and no insurance?

Any help would be great, thanks!

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I'm pretty sure it's possible. I currently use Benzaclin and I've seen the pharmacist prepare it. No lie, they put Clindamycin and BP in a little container and stir it up. As long as you get the proportions right I think it would work.

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I do this! I put a little OTC BP in the palm of my hand, then a little of my topical Clindamycin and just mix it around with my finger and then apply! I do this in the morning, and use Tretinoin at night. I was never instructed to do this by my doc... but after reading how effective the BP/Clindamycin combo worked, I thought I'd make my own home version of it. Since I added the BP, I have noticed even more improvements so I'm pretty sure it works (never used Benzaclin so I have no comparison, just basing this off the fact that I noticed more improvements almost immediately after I added the BP to my routine). From what I understand, topical Clindamycin is pretty common. I just asked my doc about it and she agreed to prescribe it. I do not have any insurance either, and a bottle of topical Clindamycin lotion costs me $40. Hope this helps!

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