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More Acne After Waxing

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I am getting into that age where hair are starting to grow on my back. Some months ago I tried a wax treatment, which was great, but very bad for my acne. Weeks after I had more acne than ever on my back. Things are now back to "normal", but it was quite scary.

What can I use to prevent this?



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While I was in training to become an esthetician that happened to one of my close friends! We waxed her back and it broke out like crazy. She didn't shower for 2 days because she had gone camping, and I think that was one of the main triggers. Acne prone people may break out after waxing, it's very stimulating to the skin. If you want to try it again I recommend gently exfoliating your back every day, but 2 weeks before waxing. The week before just clean as usual. After waxing, make sure they use after wax liquid that closes your pores, preferably something with salicylic acid. Make sure to go home and use a mild acne scrub that night. Clean it every day until you think you are out of the danger zone. If you do all this there's a chance your breakout could be much more minimal, and therefore make it worth doing!

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I would check out what chemicals are in your soaps and body washes because I know that there are two ingredients that will make acne worse for people that have it.

Sorry I can not tell you the name of the ingredients.. I am just drawing a blank right now.

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