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Okay, I've posted recently regarding having trouble with make up application after about 3 months into the regimen with clear skin but red marks and indents :( Anyways, been using Tarte's Clean Slate primer which just isn't cutting it. I went for it because its a natural product, but I'm at the point where I need to find something that works so I feel comfortable in my skin. I have a little less than a month before I move and start a new job and I want to have the confidence to succeed. So, any tips would be greatly appreciated. I know time will heal the red marks and I'm fine with that but I should be able to find a routine that covers and doesn't look cakey or dry in the meantime.

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My favorite primer is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. It really does even out the texture of my skin and helps my foundation stay put all day. I debated whether to use the Tarte Clean Slate primer because like you said it has all natural ingredients. The problem is this primer does not contain silica which is the ingredient in the most effective primers because it gives your skin that super smooth texture. However there is a catch 22 with silica because I have heard it lessens your skins ability to breathe which could result in breakouts. I have not noticed any breakouts from using the Smashbox primer because I wash my face thoroughly at night on the days where I wear makeup. I think most cosmetics have the potential to break you out or clog pores so I always always wash my face thoroughly.

I will say that the Smooth Operator tinted moisturizer from Tarte is my foundation of choice and is especially good if you are experiencing dryness or flakiness from the BP. It is a lightweight coverage and I have never experienced it to be cakey or heavy on my face. It also has SPF in it as well as a few vitamins for your skin like A,C, and E which will aid in your healing process. I apply it with my (clean) fingers, some people prefer brushes or sponges but I find my fingers help the product glide over my skin better and I also don't have to worry about cleaning a foundation brush after every use. The finish of this tinted moisturizer is a bit dewy which I sometimes like but if I find I want a more matte finish I will use a finishing powder. This also sets your makeup so it will last longer and stay put on your face. I use Make Up Forever's HD Microfinish powder. It is a very fine powder and helps your makeup from settling into any little creases or pores. If you chose to use a finishing powder make sure your foundation is still a bit "wet" when you apply it, this really sets your makeup for the day. Use a big powder brush for the best application.

I think the absolute most important thing you can do for your skin to ensure your makeup looks good is to moisturize. Moisturizers plump and hydrate your skin which is essential to any flawless looking makeup.

BP does have a tendency to make skin flake. I find I get very dry around my chin. I don't like using harsh exfoliators or scrubs because I have sensitive skin. Instead when I have washed my face and my skin is wet, I just use my fingers in a circular motion on my flakey spots and use water to wash away the dead skin.

I realize everyones skin and makeup preferences are different. You may find you love these products or you might hate them. It does take some trial and error to find the best combination of products for your specific needs. This is just what has been working for me personally. Hope I helped a little!

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