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Acne Coming Back After 3 Months On Accutane?

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So I started on accutane just over 3 months ago and the effects were amazing. I had no new cysts by 2 weeks and only mild - moderate acne up until about month 2. For a couple weeks after month 2 everything was clear, but about 3 weeks ago I started breaking out in mild acne on several different areas of my face, which has still continued until now. And this morning I wake up to find a big cyst forming on my nose (which is where I used to get the worst of my acne). So if anyone has an answer to why this may be happening I would like to hear it. I've been on 40mg a day from the start and that's what my doctor plans to keep me on for the entire 6 month course. The side effects have taken a pretty bad toll on my skin but should I ask to up the dose? I have been on a perfect schedule, missing no doses. There haven't been any drastic changes to my diet, and I haven't been stressed out. It's really frustrating because now the past 3 months almost seem like a waste. Every new cyst that I get seems to last for a month or longer and leaves a nasty mark for ages. Any knowledge you have on the subject would be great. Is this normal? Will it continue to get better? Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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I'm currently on my 2month's does of Accutane. My skin feels so SOFT!! I keep going up to my mom and telling her to feel it, I'm so proud of it!

So I know where your coming from with the disappointment of the medication being so wonderful then your acne's all coming back worse. The side-effects on the box do state that it CAN worsen acne, but just stick with it!!

Wait till your next appointment with your doctor, it's supposed to take 5 months, so let it do its thing, I'm sure you've suffered years of having the nodules, 2 more months wont kill you biggrin.png

Hang in there, report any signs of being depressed or suicidal, but yeah just hang in there it will be okay!

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