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Dosage Question - First Time, Moderate Persistent Acne

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Starting my first run of accutane. Only have a doctor prescription, so I never got a full examination with a derm as to what my dosage should be.

I know the basic formula ("half your body weight")... but a little more about me: I'm about 5'11 and a toned/fit 175 pounds. I have consistent redness and acne spots that turn into whiteheads (ranging in size)... maybe a couple every other day on average. My face never looks overly bad, so I'd say it's only moderate (and sometimes even bordering on mild), but it is still a huge problem in my life (I'm sure you guys know the feeling).

I was thinking of going with 20mg per day for the first week to ease onto it, and then 40mg the next week, and 80mg from there on out. What should total dosage be on a mild/moderate run? Or does it depend on how it's working as you progress?

Thanks guys :)

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I wasn't able to chose my dosage - I just went with what my derm prescribed. I had what I would also classify as moderate to mild but was very oily....I am 5'10-145lbs and started out on 80mg and will be on that for 5 months. Most people would say thats very high but it all depends on the person. I was initially very nervous to start So high but now im incredibly glad i did! Got all of the initial stuff out if the way and now ill be well past my Minimum cumulative course by the end. I'd stick with what your doctor prescribes - they know your history and what is best.

Good luck!

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