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Acne Doesn't Have To Be Your Problem

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I've met so many people that have thought they didn't have a choice in regards to their skin troubles. And I can understand their feelings of powerlessness. So many people go to their doctor and try every therapy they are given in the hopes of achieving clear beautiful skin. I feel for every single person that goes through this. But it doesn't have to be your burden that you bear. I am new to this thread and I would like to be a friend to everybody and to guide them to beautiful skin. I have learned techniques to heal skin and bring it back to its radiance and I am here to share that information with everyone. I put my knowledge together into a book called the 'secret handbook for people with acne'. It is available on amazon and at local health food stores on the west coast usa. It has a lot of important pieces of health that you are probably neglecting and that doctors aren't aware of. The ebook is cheap and I guarantee you that you will have porcelain smooth skin after making the simple adjustments. I am here to answer questions and help heal. You can find me on facebook if you have it also.

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Thank you Viny smile.png That would be easier. The link is

*Moderator edit - URL removed. Welcome aboard, RPembroak, I encourage you to share your information on the boards, that way all benefit. Advertising is not allowed, please have a look at the board rules.*

The book is a complete text of how to address your skin problems from every direction. It equips you with the knowledge and the tools to always have a choice of whether you get a pimple or not. You will see how truly easy it is to wake up every morning with just natural, clear, beautifully supple skin. I guarantee it.

I'm a health coach because I love it and because I am successful at helping people reach their goals and exceed them. And I have been gifted with knowledge along the way to help give you the exact skin you want. You should not pass up this help.

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Okay, here is a link to my free ebook download. It is not an advertisement. It is free information for everybody to learn and talk about. It is a pdf download, I would post the entire book but that would take up too much room and be confusing.

So here is my book for free on a file hosting website, if people want to learn and heal from it let them


I hope that everybody grows from this

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