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Your New Years 'resolution'

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What is it in relation to your acne scars and how will this new year be different to the one that is about to end?

For myself, I want my social life back. For atleast three years I have been dictated by my scars in almost every aspect of my life and before that my life was being consumed by acne. I have already started going out with close friends and been approaching girls. Do I feel shitty and self conscious, yes but when Im occupied I don't constantly obsess.

Please everyone try and make 2012 more positive than '11. I know we're all at different stages in our treatment and acceptance of our scars so it will be more difficult for some but life and youth is so short. Many of us here are only in our teens, twenties and thirties yet our entire youth is being swallowed by scars. Yes I will continue to treat my scars but I will try my best to not let depression and stress rule my life.

Happy new year y'all!

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Amen to that my friend!

I think its about aiming to improve things while not stressing out or obsessing.

Good luck with the women most of them dont mind scars or whatever and the ones that do aint worth a hoot. Ive got a face full of moderate acne scarring and red marks and ive had kids with two different women and been with more than i can count (pretty ones too).

All the best!

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This year will be partly dedicated to improving the quality of my skin and I'll fullfil my lifelong dream of starting skin treatments. This year's gonna be damn great!!

The big issue after that will be motivation for my masters degree and other professional goals after that. I mean, those scars have kept me home to study and helped me saying no to all those parties for about 10 years.. what will I be without them!? ;)

And then one great hint to improve your year: arrange perfect lightning for every mirror in your home so you can wake up and go to bed without worrying too much!

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Happy New year's DAY! I hope you feel a lot better about this upcoming year, it will surly be spectacular :).

As for my resolution, it's just to simply take care of myself, something I have neglected for quite a whole. I'm here for my acne, but I also need my teeth and eyes look at as well -_-...

Yes, acne scars and acne in general can take years to treat and even longer to go away (depending on what kind of acne I suppose). But keep a positive attitude! You've done a great job hanging in there so keep going and do what you can about your body. Did you know that smiling a lot and sleeping at least 8 hours can benefit your skin and facial features tremendously? Give it a go! Laughter is COMPLETELY free!

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