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What Is The Most Effective Antibiotic (Under Accutane) Overall?

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Hello. I've been on about 4-5 months of Minocycline, and although it cleared me up at first it came back. Now that I decided to stop it because it wasn't doing much, if not getting worse - I'm worse than ever. Acne on my nose, cheeks. I've basically only had moderate acne that wouldn't go away but now it looks like it may be starting to become big zits, and severe.

I'm going to the family doctor in the next few days, what should I recommend to her to give me?

What is the most effective antibiotic overall under Accutane? I've been googling this and trying to find an answer, but can only find opinions.

Anyone know if there has been any studies?



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For the longest time minocycline has been considered the best antibiotic for acne (I am currently on it and it is doing wonders for my skin), but reading your post it may have stopped working for you. But lately Bactrim is getting credit for being a more effective antibiotic than minocycline, so you may want to try that. I do have to say that Bactrim may have some severe side effects (Steven Johnson Syndrome), but these are extremely rare. Also anytime you take an antibiotic make sure you are putting a good retinoid (retin-a, retin-a micro, or differin) at night as this will be the most benefical to you.

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ive used both and they both cleared my skin completly !!!....however your acne will come back and YES IT WILL not (maybe) it will....because your body will get accustumed to the antibiotics in your system and build a tolerance...But hey for the * months of clear skin in was worth it....however BE warned !...after you have a taste of clear skin you will never want to go back : /

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