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Hi guys

Been on the regimen for a few weeks with good results. Main problem area is forehead (was getting very spotty before) and BP has stopped any fresh spots emerging there (but might take a while for it to be fully clear). My other issue was some spots on my cheeks, fortunately I don't have any active spots there any more, but I have a real problem with red marks/blemishes there.

Included in this problem are little red bumps on my face, mainly on the cheeks. I don't know what they are or how to describe them really, but they don't seem to be active spots. They are just these very small little reddish bumps on the surface of the skin, which you can see when you look closely. Basically my cheeks are rather blemished by them at the moment. I put a little BP on both my cheeks (to head off any spot formation there) and when I run over the little bumps you can kind of see them stand out against the BP.

The problem is these seem to pop up every now and again and they don't go away very quickly at all. I'm not sure what effect cleansing, BP or moisturizing has on them. I have a feeling that my whole regimen taken together might be causing them, simply by irritating the skin due to daily pressure and application of chemicals (and I use Cetaphil gentle cleanser which contains SLS).

I do have bio oil which I apply every now and then instead of moisturizer which seems to help with the texture of my skin. I also bought some AHA+ (10% lotion) but I haven't used it yet. Might this help with these little red bumps (and do I apply instead of normal moisturizer every so often)?

If anyone else has experienced a problem with these 'bumps' then please let me know!

Also if this should be in the 'red mark' forum please move! I wasn't sure where this would go...


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I was wondering whether this might be a mild reaction to the BP? I have never felt any side affects when using BP on my forehead, but it burned and tingled on my cheeks for the first couple of weeks. Now it seems okay, maybe a little tingling. Could the BP maybe be causing these little bumps? While my skin is definitely better spot-wise, I seem to be getting more of these little red bumps since using BP. But I think I do recall having some before I used it.

Anyone else experience this problem? Thanks guys

EDIT: Maybe I started off using too much BP? I slather loads on my forehead, but I think it's fine there and it doesn't react. But my cheeks are definitely more sensitive and thats where I am getting these red bumps. I use a BP cream (2.5%, Oxy on the Spot - which is apparently milder than PanOxyl) and I guess it's hard to follow Dan's dosage guidelines when you don't use 'pumps'. I tend to just use enough on my cheeks so that it covers the whole area with a nice, thin layer which absorbs immediately (I squeeze say a small pea-sized amount on the tip of my finger and use per cheek, and a lot more on forehead).

Note that I haven't had any other reactions to it apart from feeling the tingling/burning initially. No bad redness, peeling or flaking or anything like that. To begin with I wasn't even going to treat my cheeks because the main problem area is the forehead, but I noticed a few tiny pimples/red bumps and so applied it there, but since doing so it is as though they have increased. I am not sure why. I think one or two turned into little whiteheads. Maybe it's just the bacteria being forced to the surface by the BP or something?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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Hi again

Been looking around the forums for some info on this. Stumbled into this thread:


Somebody replied to the OP:

Do they look like this?



If so then you could be dealing pityrosporum folliculitis. I had it for years before figuring out how to get rid of them- by using nizoral shampoo. Lather up the infected area, let it sit for 3-5 minutes and then rinse. I was almost completely clear after a week, and I've been clear for going on 5 years now.

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