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Initial Breakout With Bcp (Orthotricyclyn Lo)

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I started the Pill (orthotricyclin lo- probably spelled wrong) to combat some hormonal nodules I was getting on my chin and to help some problems I was facing with ovarian cysts. I started it almost two weeks ago, and my face is NOT doing well at all. I'm on benzaclin and Retin-A, but my face has kind of erupted. My forehead was clear before starting, and now I have six pimples on my forehead, and well as red splotches on my cheeks (not zits, just looks splotchy and gross without makeup), a nodule on my chin, a few pustules around my lips, and a bad nodule on my cheek/chin area that I've been battling for a few weeks. It's not terrible, I can cover most of it with makeup, but the ones on my forehead can be painful and sore at times.

Has anyone else faced this initial breakout, and if so, how long did it last? I'm hoping that I get over it soon, because the next step is Accutane, which honestly, I can't go on.

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LOL read casablancas and hopefulstars log. Were all getting IBS in bcps. It mostly happens in the second week. I'm on my third pack and still breaking out. Read their logs and join in. Were supporting each other alot! It's hard but were sticking through with it. Look up the message boards for brith control pills and check out their logs.'we discuss this(:'

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