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Firstly, I've been reading this forum for a while and decided it was about time to join up.

Secondly, I'm not affected heavily by acne. I've never had acne on my cheeks and rarely on my nose area and chin. The only place I get acne is on my forehead. They're not all together they're just like separate pimples on my forehead in like 1, or in rare occasions, 2 different locations on my forehead.

So the problem is that every time I get rid of one another one comes out. It's something to do with my forehead but I've no idea. Is it because of my pillow or what? How do I prevent them from coming out on my forehead? I've got no problems with the other areas though. Thanks in advance.

Oh, and I also find it disgraceful that we're almost in the year 2012 and not one person has found a proper cure for acne.

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Is your hair long enough to cover your forehead? If so, it could be causing sweat and oils and such to be accumulating on your forehead. You might also be resting your forehead on your hand or brushing your hair out of your face, both of which get all the grit from your hands onto your forehead. Also, if you do a lot of exercise and get really sweaty from it, you should try washing your hair after your workout, if you don't already.

Best of luck.

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