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Titanium Dioxide

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I've been trying out a few different mineral make-up companies to figure out which ingredients are best for my cystic-acne prone skin; and I've recently discovered I love Meow Minerals (Hello Minerals are good too).

However, even though their ingredients are safe for acne-prone skin, I was recently reading up on a common mineral make-up (and general make-up) additive, Titanium Dioxide. It looks like it can be pretty dangerous when inhaled and absorbed through the skin in small particles. I'm kinda freaked out now.... gosh, is there really no safe make-up anywhere?? I thought I had found my grail!

Has anyone heard of these health risks? I know some of these mineral make-ups are popular among the acne "blessed" crowd

source : http://www.naturalnews.com/027000_titanium_dioxide_vitamins.html

http://www.organicmakeup.ca/ca/titaniumdioxide.asp - this link states that the particles in mineral makeup may be large enough that they're safe to be on skin

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I think you are referring to nano-particles in relation to the Titanium Dioxide and Zinc. Most mineral makeup companies will state their stance on the use of nano-particles in their makeup line. The best advice is to call customer care or check out safety database to find out. The use of nano-particles being so small that they are inhaled or absorbed through the skin definitely poses a concern. However, the larger particles are almost always used and for good reason. They give coverage. The finer the powder-like a dusting or setting powder is where research on a product is beneficial knowledge. Also pressed, liquid or cream powders pose less of threat entirely because of their solid nature. Loose powder composition will go airborne because it is not a solid but with the larger composition of the particle it's very unlikely to cause any problems. The obvious- would to use common sense when applying and use smaller amounts in ratio. I would be more concerned about second hand smoke, air pollution, and chemicals in our foods.

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