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Can I Pop My Pimples?

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In 1 day im celebrating new year with all my friends and I have a huge cyst on my cheek! I really don't want it to be there, but i'm too afraid that its going to scar!

I feel that there is just more and more pimples growing around it, so maybe I should pop it?

Feels like its SO much bacteria there, that it should be out. I'm not sure. Had this for about 2 weeks now and its only growing.(It's like a spot on my cheek with one huge cyst and some whiteheads around it)

I'm on accutane, so I had a bad breakout and thats the reason for my cyst. Anyway - I really want it to be gone.

I don't want to hang among my friends with white zits in my face :(

Any suggestions?

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Don't pick at it. You could end up making it worse than it is right now. Being on Accutane, it could most definitely scar if you mess with it. And with only one day from the celebration, it will still be inflamed even if you do successfully pop it. If they people you're with are your friends, they shouldn't judge you because of a blemish. And most likely they've seen your acne on ordinary days, so the breakout won't be a huge shock for them when they see it (if they really even pay close attention).

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Yeah dont pop it. I understand trying to look good when going out with friends. I have never been on accutane, but you could ask your derm for a cortisone shot. I am not sure if you can have cortisone shots while being on accutane or not, so it would be best to ask the doc. Either way, think of it like this...while having one night with a cyst really stinks, in a few months you will have clear skin and can live your life to the fullest. Good luck and hope you have a fun New Years :)

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in the long run, it's better not to.

of course, at one time or another, we've all gone through the temptation to do so, so it is very natural to want to get rid of it.

if you keep your hands off for a while, i'm sure you will notice some benefits/prevent future problems with scarring

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its okay to pop, just make sure u disinfect after and dont touch after. only pop when it comes to a head, if theres no head, dont squeeze.

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