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What Is Wrong With My Dermatologist?

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So, today, after several weeks of convincing my parents, I finally saw a dermatologist.

I have really noticeable, disgusting hyperpigmentations and brown spots on my face, and nothing has seemed to work.

I don't really have a problem with acne; it's just the small pimples I do get, I pick at them, hence scarring my face forever. I no longer pick, but the marks are still left on my face, and I hate it.

My dermatologist prescribes me Epiduo and Monodox.....which has no effect whatsoever on scarring. I don't understand.


I'm thinking of using meladerm, but it's really expensive so I have no idea how my parents will ever let me get some.

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Maybe your dermatologist wants to make sure you're clear before tackling the scarring. Next time you see him/her, express your concern about dealing with the scarring. I would recommend only using what your dermatologist prescribed.

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There isn't much you can do about scarring. The Epiduo has a retinoid in it that causes faster turnover rate for skin cells. That means quicker removal of the scarred, outer layer of cells leaving healthy skin behind. Epiduo helps acne and scarring. I would listen to your derm.

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are they scars (craters) or just dark spost (hyper pigmentation)?

i had shit load of dark spots and i use Black and White bleaching cream twice a day. there almost gone. highly recommend. no BS.

u can get it for $5-7 at Amazon. Dont get Meladerm! its way over priced ($5-80) and uses kojic acid which is unstable and some research shows it can be irritating. http://www.cosmetics...kojic-acid.aspx

for scars, only lasers can help. dont fall for topicals since they wont work. derma rolling is worth a try.

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