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Could This Mean Gluten Intolerance?

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I cut out gluten and dairy about 3 weeks ago per my doctor's suggestion. He thought it could help with thyroid related tiredness that I'm having. I have never had any symptoms of gluten intolerance that I am aware of. Today, I had a slice of wheat bread at lunch after having no gluten for the past three weeks. A couple of hours later and I had a terrible stomach ache and felt just awful. Could this mean I could have a gluten intolerance?

I also had a small bit of butter on the bread, but I don't that small of an amount would cause a reaction.

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I never ever thought I could possibly have a gluten intolerance either, but my experience was the same as yours. I used to eat bread all the time, but I thought the acne, poor digestion, weak bones and teeth were normal things for me. As soon as I stopped eating wheat, so did everything else I listed (minus acne, that cleared up significantly, but I still need to iron out the details of going about how I eat. About 90% clear right now though).

It's strange, because as soon as I ate some bread again, I had a stomach ache and broke out almost immediately.

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Yes, that is absolutely what it could mean. You've done yourself a big favor by giving it up. It's a nasty crap food that isn't good for anyone. Even those who are not extremely reactive to it.

You should see this article I just found. It explains some details about chiten binding lectins that I wasn't aware of, i.e. Our mucosal linings are made of NAG (glucosamine), which is what chiten is made of. And that there are chiten binding lectins in more foods than I was aware of. Wheat and other 'gluten' grains, which I knew, but also potatoes, tomatoes and rice.


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people mention that if you avoid gluten for a long time you become more sensitive to it when eating it again. is it possible to not have a sensitivity to it, but then avoid it because you're unsure if you are sensitive, and then eat it again and get a reaction you've never had before and kinda make yourself sensitive to it?

thats a bit of a scary thought hearing the longer you avoid it the more severe a break out is most likely to be if you eat it again. im not sure if im sensitive to it, i tested negative on the blood test yet i know that doesnt mean i might not be sensitive to it, if i ate bread etc i dont feel bloated or get cramps etc but im still avoiding it. hm.

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If you were never sensitive to it, you shouldn't get more sensitive to it, no. I've never heard of that happening anyway, but the thing is, people who never suspect they are sensitive (or have any health problems to lead them into thinking they might be) probably never give it up in the first place. So how would we know?

Even those who aren't sensitive aren't benefiting from it, so it's really a non-issue to just give it up if you want to be healthier.

Thanks for that article alternavista. I believe that's why my system was so damaged and then only got moderately better the whole first couple years when I was gluten free. I was loading up on potato and rice based foods.

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