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My Personal Success Story

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Hi everyone,

I've been a lurker for ages. I finally got the motivation to make a post.

I had medium to severe acne that started near the end of high school and all the way through college.

I would always have about two or three cysts or nodules on my chin. As soon as they healed, others would pop up.

I also had mild acne around my forehead.

At first I thought they were stress related, since I got them a lot before exams and projects. Then I thought they were weather related, since I went travelling for a summer, and my acne clear up.

One of my family's friend who's Asian and believed in all sorts of Asian remedies told me to stop drinking soda.

Normally, I would've dissmissed her, since I'm definitely not a believer in Asian remedies.

However, I'm not sure why, but I tested her theory.

After I stopped drinking soda, all my acne problems went away.

I rationalized that when I was stressed for exams and projects, and ended up drinking a lot of soda to stay awake and work.

When I went travelling, I didn't drink soda, and ate and drank more local cuisine.

Nowdays, I'm almost always clear. Though, any sort of carbonated drinks (fizzy water, sparkling juice, etc.) will trigger it. Also, alcohol sometimes can also trigger it. I drink those at least in moderation, if not at all.

This is my story. Hope it helps some folks out there.


When I did get the nodules/cycsts, I found Acnomel to help a lot. Salic acid made everything worse for me, and benzoyl peroxide didn't do much.

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