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Michaella's Regimen Log!

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Michaella's Regimen Log!

Day One

Okay, Ladies and Gents, I just got my Regimen in the mail this morning! I'm uber excited - especially because I woke up with this lovely zit above my lip! How in the heck did that happen? I guess the acne fairy devil must have once again blessed me with another darling zit. (so much sarcasm I almost choked on it). Anyways, I just did my first application of the Regimen. My face god a bit red, but it isn't tight or peeling yet. But after reading every one else's posts on here it looks like it will begin to very soon. I might work up the strength (because i'm very lazy) to post some pictures or something, but that all depends on if i really get motivated enough to do so.

Anyways, I'm use just the regular regimen kit. The cleanser in the shower, then drying off and useng the BP and then using the moisturizer.

Honestly, I just applied the stuff for the first time about half an hour ago, and I am not feeling anything. My skin does not feel any different, but I'm sure that will change. Oh! As for surprises OMG, I did not expect the moisturizer to be yellow. I was like - WOAH - and then I realized that it was okay that it was yellow-ish. Anyways, I'm sort of rambling, but I like to that sort of thing. Oh, and don't expect me to post here everyday. I'll actually most likely forget about this log, but it would honestly be great if i didn't. I'm hoping that i actually stick with the Regimen. There are some other acne products *cough*ProActive *cough* that I just totally did not do every day twice a day because my parents bought it for me. But since I actually paid for the Regimen myself, I'm probably more likely to use the stuff because I spent my own money on and I don't like wasting my money. Actually, I'm pretty sure that no one likes wasting there money. Oh! I guess I should tell a little bit about myself.

I am seventeen years old, and I live in the Midwest (Iowa). No, I do not have a southern draw. No, I do not live in a cornfield. Yes, I can really read and write. No, I am not paying for someone to write this for me. I am trying to drop all the cliches of people from Iowa naturally acquire. In fact, Iowa has one of the top ranking school system in the United States. - Just so ya know.

Anyways, enough with my rambling. I will try my best to update this every once in a while. Who knows? this might stick. I sure hope so because I'm tired of acne. Contrary to other people's views, acne doesn't really bother me other than the fact that it hurts every once in a while. What I'm mostly concerned about is the scarring and such. I would really hate to have that on my face for the rest of my life. I just hope that I didn't start the Regimen too late where if all my acne is cured and it reveals scars that the scars are permanent.

Okay. so that's it! Bye!

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Welcome aboard, Michaella! I hope that the DKR will work very well for you. I'm on Week 3, and I'm just now noticing more dryness, but there hasn't been any burning or redness thus far (thank goodness). I tried Proactiv when it first came out, and it never worked for me, but so far the Regimen seems to be doing okay on this second time around.

You do have to be diligent with it. My suggestion is try to post at least once a week to document your progress; getting started on a gallery is another good thing, because then you have a visual log of your results and you can see the changes. You may experience a "honeymoon phase" where your skin is starting to look awesome and everything's going right in the world, and then you'll get a nasty breakout. That's normal, but do not give up!

Good luck to you, and I'll be keeping an eye out on your progress! :)

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Thanks guys!

Day 22!

Okay, so I missed posting a bunch of days! But you can't blame me, because I had a lot going on! Haha, well not much is going in my skin area. There were a few times where it was impossible for me to put on the Regimen. I'm serious - there was no way I could find a time and way of doing it. It was crazy. My skin didn't really freak out when it didn't get its BP and stuff, which is good.

I think I have really resiliant skin because it has barely peeled or been dry at all. It isn't even getting red when I put the BP on anymore. Should I up my dosage? Just wondering if that was an option right now. Or should I wait longer? Anyways, my skin is a little better. There are only four or five active zits, but there are a lot of red marks of old zits. I can't really see any signs of scarring except for a little bit on my cheeks. But it is pretty faint and you wouldn't notice it unless I pointed it out to you.

So, I'm going to keep on truckin' along! Yay....

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