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Acne Completely Gone. Correlation To The Medication I Am Taking?

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So, I was diagnosed with psoriasis couple weeks ago and put on the medication for it, Ketoconazole and Fluconazole. Now before I started taking these pills, my acne was horrible, it was mainly painful red pustules clumped together and just made my face red and I literally got 1 or 2 of them EVERY single day but now, not even one for about 2 weeks. I had couple of painful red bumps but they just went back in half way through. So is there any relation between psoriasis and the pustules I was getting? or is this just some placebo effect? Cause this is pretty weird, I mean, having a clean face (except for scars) after AGES. I feel like just walking through the mall for no reason right now.

Thanks in advance.

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i think Ketoconazole is a weak anti-androgen, its also in nizoral (anti dandruff shamp.) so it might be keeping you clear because of the anti-androgen effect.

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My question is, why isn't this approach used to treat acne? It's pretty well known that too much androgenic hormone production is the root cause of acne, isn't it? So why isn't there a common treatment using that approach? Why all this other useless crap?

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Does this mean my acne is purely hormonal? I am 23 year old male. Because both the times I used Ketoconazole, my acne went away the next day and not even a single painful pustule after it.

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