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My debate

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Well, this section is for scarring and that is what this topic is about. I pick most of my acne. I don't have any real(serious) scars. I only get dark marks that fade away over time. The only scarring I have is some minor rolling scars.

On the other hand, I have a friend we can call him X. X doesn't pick his acne at all. Even a pimple is as ripe as hell, he doesn't pick it. But X has more rolling scars and some ice pick scars than me . What is up with that?? Is scarring determined by your skin type??

The reason why I pick is because I had a long think about the whole thing. A pimple builds up fluids and stuff under the skin. When you pick it you get rid of the fluids and stuff. IF you don't pick it, where does the fluids and stuff go??? I had a pimple on the right side of my face, right where my hair started. I didn't pick it at all. I just left it. It stayed there for 1 and a half month or so without going down, it just stayed there. A cryst like pimple.

So one day I was washing my hair and I rubbed over it with my finger by accident. This caused it to pop. Alot of crap and blood came out. A week later it was totally gone, no bumb nothing. BUt because of the fact that it stayed so long under my skin, it made a small dent like scar. It's not too serious though, because it is kinda covered by my hair.

So I looked into this matter. And found that some pimples need to be picked in order for it to go away. Sometimes the body isn't able to get rid of the crap in a pimple by it's self. And if you leave that sort of pimple for a long period of time and then remove it, it causes scarring.

So the real question is to pick or not to pick? If you pick you end up with dark marks that fade away over periods of time. Some picking can lead to ice-pick scarring too. But for some reason I only have like 3 small ice-pick scarrs on my whole face. Eventhough I pick. Maybe some people's skin have different healing properties. And maybe some people are prone to scarring if they pick their pimples.

The last pimple I had that lasted for a long period of time was on one of my ears. It wasn't on the lobe but on the part where you normally get your ear pierced. It swelled really big and stayed that way for over 2 months. It didn't go down or anything. My hurt on that spot all the time. I knew it wasn't "pick-able" because it was lodged deep under my skin. SO I just left it. 2 months passed and it was still just as big. Then one morning I woke up and had some dried fluid behind my ear. So somehow it started comming out while I was sleeping. So I took a hanky placed it behind my ear and applied a bit of preasure on my ear. It came out with a huge rush. Blood and white fluid all over the hanky. It just came and came. There was about five huge stains of fluid on the hanky.

After that I felt my ear and the pimple had decreased a huge amount in size. It wasn't painfull either. That was 2 weeks ago. I'm feeling my ear now and there is nothing on it at all. SO there is an expample of a pimple that really needed to be picked. I'm glad thought that, that thing wasn't on my face. I checked out the back of my ear and there was absolutely no signs of scarring. Just a little black dot, that ussually fades over time.

I'm not saying everyone should pick. But from my experience I have had no scarring caused by picking. Picking only caused scarring on my face when I left a pimple for a long period of time. Maybe my body can't absorb pimples. Maybe I need to manually remove them. SO I really don't know. My friend has more rolling scarrs than me and he never picks. I guess it's all determinded by your skin type.

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The potential for scarring varies from person to person. Some people scar more easily than others, some are less prone to scarring. However, the more you pick, poke, squeeze, mess with your pimples the more likely you are to scar.

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so how will ur body get rid of the stuff inside the pimple...for the cyst-under the skin type pimples. I was wondering this myself too.

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