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Rite-Aid Anti Dandruff Shampoo (Coal Tar)

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OK hear me out.

I havent been on this site much in the last couple years because I got my acne under control but always remembered and appreciated those that came back to share successful finds. So here I am!

Ok so I dont remember how or why I tried my dad's anti-dandruff shampoo on my face a few years ago but I remembered it worked.

I bought some for myself and it soon stopped working and I quit altogether.

I have since moved back home and reused my dad's shampoo since i was curious and...


Rite-Aid's generic Anti dandruff shampoo has a magical ingredient called COAL TAR! It also gives it that unique scent I happen to enjoy (others might not)

Anyway, I use a very small amount of this and work up a lather, using it like reg soap and letting it sit on my face while i finish my shower.

I then rinse it off and it leaves my skin perfectly clean, i can feel it in my pores!

And It Makes SENSE. This product is made for persistent oily,flaky scalps. It works by going into the pores and unblocking the sebum plugs and lets the hair follicles breath, thus removing the dandruff.

Whats amazing is that it works for acne prone skin too! And why wouldnt it? It's basically the same problem.This product is for CHRONICALLY challenged skin which is why it helps with ongoing acne and general skin maintenance.

>>After a 1 1/2 weeks, my pores were VISIBLY smaller, and skin tone NOTICEABLY clearer, and my overall complexion healthier looking<< No lie. I've had acne for over 10 years now. I know how it is..

I've used harsh acids to deep cleanse my pores but havent gotten such great results with less side effects as with Coal-Tar shampoo.

My only complaint is that it can leave skin dry. I can live with that (especially since its because I leave it on for a while, you dont have to)

I recommend only using Coal-Tar and if possible the Rite-Aid brand seeing as the others didnt work as well.

Good Luck!!!!!!!

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