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Can Accutane Clear You After Just 3 And A Half Months ?

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So the first month of accutane i took 40mg of accutane and after that i went to 80mg to finish my course. Now 3 and a half months in with completly clear skin (i haven't broke out in over a month) i got very dry red eyes so i called my derm and she said she was going to prescribe me some eye drops that would take care of the problem so i thought great problem solved...

Then my pharmacist called and said that the state denied the prescription ? and i was not going to pay what they wanted me to without insurance. so i called back my derm and she said i can either go back to 40 or just stop now. So i went back to 40 for a couple weeks and the problem did not get better so now im pretty much forced to quit early because the problem is obviously not getting better.

My question is, is there a chance i could remain clear by stopping early ? Also i was only going to be on it for 4 months anyways so im not far from the end but i just cant take it anymore.

Thanks and i would appreciate any support.

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Hi zach!

I'm on my accutane course now aswell.

Regarding that you have been clear for so long - maybe you wont get the acne back? I've heared about people going on it for 6 months just to be sure that it doesnt come back, but this doesnt mean that 3 and a half months isnt enough. ofcourse there is a slight chance that you will get the acne back, but that is for everyone. Also, since your eyes are that bad, and you have no choice - you must probably just do it and see what happends. if it gets worse again, you can always start a second course.



Edit: I have a friend that was on it for 4 months, and he is completely clear and has been clear for several months.

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