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DermaCleanse? Actimine? Dermal Cleanse?

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Anyone tried any of these products? Any success?

ZenMed's DermaCleanse


How about Dermal Cleanse Rx Acne Pill...anyone tried this? Perhaps the Chinese way of dealing with acne would be better:

Dermal Cleanse




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I heard about that and went to the website itself. I don't know if it's really effective. It is said to cause breakouts initially then it tames the acne. I heard that your body adapts to it overtime and it won't be as effective anymore. I don't know but it sounds kind of risky. There's another vitamin supplement for acne called Actimine but I think it's new since no one here knows much about it or refuses to discuss it. Actimine has zinc and Vitamin A, which is said to help tame acne. I don't know if that's actually true. There's another supplement called P5. But it's expensive. Just search the forum for more info about P5.

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Actimine Supplement Facts

Vitamin A- Vitamin A has been shown to reduce sebum production and the buildup of keratin in the follicle. Vitamin A is more effective when used in conjunction with Vitamin E and Zinc.

Actimine Contains: 5000 IU

Selenium and Vitamin E- When there is a Vitamin E deficiency in your body, your levels of Vitamin A will stay low, no matter how much you are supplementing into your diet. When Vitamin E is restored to the diet, Vitamin A levels normalize- this is why it is important to use these vitamins in combination.

Actimine Contains: 50mcg & 200 IU

Vitamin E is important for its interactions with Selenium, which is an important antioxidant trace mineral. Selenium has been shown to have a function in the enzyme glutathione perozidase. This enzyme plays a crucial role in preventing acne inflammation. Those who experience acne usually have low levels of glutathione perozidase. After supplementing Vitamin E and Selenium into your diet, acne can be significantly diminished. (1)

Zinc- Zinc is a very important nutrient for the health of the skin. Zinc is involved in the proper metabolism of testosterone. When zinc levels are low, there is an increase in the conversion of testosterone to DHT. It is known that DHT stimulates the manufacture of sebum and keratin which are primary factors in causing acne. Only certain forms of zinc have proven to be effective. These include effervescent zinc and zinc gluconate. (2)

Actimine Contains: 10mg

Methylsulfonyl Methane- Has been shown to improve the permeability of cell walls which allows nutrients to flow in and out of cells with ease. This helps deliver nutrients to the cells and dispose of wastes.

Actimine Contains: 1500mg

Gum Guggul Ext.- Studies have shown that Guggul Ext can effectively help with nodulocyctic acne. A study with 20 patients showed that Guggul is more effective than Tetracycline. (3)

Actimine Contains: 50mg

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Hey, I just wanted to inform you guys that Zenmed did not work for me at all. I think the pills even made me break out even more, especially in my troubled spots. I took the pills 3 times a day and eventually i losted hope. I decided to try something new (AGAIN!!) which people are raving about ...Smoothbeam. The FDA approved it and i really hope this will work. If this wont then i really dont know what will. After one session my skin condition appears as if its improving. The treatment is not cheap (175 dollars! mad.gif ) and is kinda painful without the numbing cream. The reason why i didnt get the cream is because I arrived late... next time I'll make sure i get it! The people there were so nice and know their stuff. They said usually its takes 3-6 sessions to see the major results. Well I'll keep you guys updated. tongue.gif

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