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When I was younger I always used the Dove unscented sensitive skin beauty bar (long name) for washing my face and I had no problems with acne until I was 18 (now 21) and I moved on to harsh chemicals and tore my skin apart. Now my skin is calming down and I can tell that this phase of my life will soon hopefully be over.

So far it has done a decent job.. It's been just over a week since I started using it again (8 days). My skin has evened out and feels/looks softer. It also has helped with oily skin. Currently this is the only thing I'm using (wash once a day in the morning) unless I get a whitehead then I put some tea tree oil onto it.

My question for those if you that have used Dove soap is that if you went through a purging process? I'm telling myself that's what's going on but I'm not really sure... I searched and could not find anyone that went through a purging process while using Dove soap.

My skin looks great in spots where I don't have pimples. I don't really have many to begin with but yeah... This is the kind where they are not there in the morning come home look in the mirror and get mad haha. If I do pop them.. small inflamed blackheads and whiteheads.. then they disappear pretty quickly. They're there and gone within a day but the marks stay for a couple of days. They are all in one annoying spot it seems too, which is like an inch above my eyebrows towards the center of my forehead. Not too attractive.

So anyone with some experience or answers please help!

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