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Feelings of being used

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..I dont know whats going on with my life recently, or maybe if its just me but whenever i go out or whatever i do im never able to have fun anymore. On top of that whenever i go out with my guy friends or even my gal friends i get the feeling that i am being used. What we typically do is start the night out with me driving them around. Then i end up getting them alcohol or other drugs through some people and then they do the drugs, sometimes i do the drugs as well. I cant think of a day when we have actually huung out and i havent gotten the feeling of being used. It seems like they use me for rides, or to meet other people because im not shy and usually am able2 start off convos and they finish them. This weekend i took my guy friend2 a festival, there he met soem girls we ended up going2 there house and then when i wanted2 leave he stayed there with them and some other guys. Im not really sure if i did the wrong thing by leaving or if im thinking correctly and he was using me to get to those girls. The next day we went2 the club, once again i gave him a ride and when i told him2 hurry up and leave he didnt come and started talkin2 some girls. So i just left him there bc i didnt want2 put up with his stuff. All of my friends i have to drive around and it kinda annoys me and makes me feel like i am being used. I am asking for your advice on what i can do to make myself not feel used, or if you think my friends are using me and what i should do?

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Doesn't sound like they are using you, well maybe for rides but do you feel like they are actually your friends ? How come when you met up with those chicks both times you're the one who wanted to leave? Did you like try talking to them and shit or when your friends started talking to the girls you felt like they were ditching you so you decided to leave? I read your post from before and it sounds like you're afraid to talk to girls or whatever, part of having friends is realizing that alot of guys are obsessed with getting laid so if thats what they are trying to do i can see how you could get the feeling that they were using you or something like that. If you ask me you should get in there and try and have a good time with them you know? As for the drugs part, first I wanna ask what type of shit you're doing. If you're just smokin weed or something i wouldnt really refer to it as "doing drugs" hahaha its just weed man.... but if youre scoring them drugs through people you know and they are your friends then you are doing them a favor because they are your friends you know ?? And since they are your friends you could always just talk to them about it bro, be like "yo dudes listen up....." and tell them if they are really your friends they will listen to you

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The thing is, im paranoid about trust and i dont know who i can trust and who i cant anymore. People will lie2 me, just so that they can keep on using me for rides or for whatever reason they want2. I just would rather be safe than sorry and i dont want2 get backstabbed. I knew a guy for 2 months and he said im his best friend la la, bc all i did was drive him around from place2 place, yet he considered me his best friend. 1 day i decided not to chill with him so he went off on me and hes like ur not my friend and never really tried to do anything about our friendhsip that we had or what i thought we had. I dont want that to happen again. The reason i wanted2 leave both times is bc i dont feel like they like me and its partially bc of my lackter of self confidence and previous experiences that i have had. Girls like2 be nice and fake to you, just so that you can feel nice about urself. I still dont understand why theyre like this, but whatever i already accepted that. (and yes i know not all girls are like that) I have trouble believing that those girls wanted2 talk 2 me and i didnt even try talkin2 them, bc the only way i can tell if some1 likes me or wants2 talk to me is if they, themselves try and talk2 me. Then i would know theyre not being fake and trying2 play their make me feel nice game. Im not gonna go out for some girl and talk2 her just to make myself feel a part of their group, even though i should. I just felt like they wanted my friend and not me, so thats why i had to leave bc i didnt feel wanted.. The only reason i felt that way was bc of my looks and i have talked2 himm (my guy friend) about looks before and he told me how girls think im ugly... Like i dont know where2 even go from there, so thinkin back on this situation i still think he used me for a ride and then didnt care about me bc he had the girls. That makes me think that hes using me, bc if he was a friend then hed probably leave with me and not stay with the girls. As far as talkin2 him id rather not bc he lies2 girls to make them feel better and loved so i know hed do the same to me so i dont even wanna talk about it, id much rather cut him off and stop hanging out with him and not explain any reason or anything. the drugs.. yea it is weed and sometimes i get it, sometimes i pitch in the money but this has been very rare bc i try to control myself on what i do with them bc i can see right though them and they seem like theyre using me.

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so are they you're friends? don't ditch them but meet some new people yourself, this don't look good. other than that you might be thinking too much about it. get some girls yourself they're not going to get girls for you.

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it is ok to provide a service to friends. but not at their whims and fancy. if it gets excessive boot them.

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