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Ib Of Accutane Or My Moisturizer/suncreen?

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I've been on Isotretinoin 40mg for 1 month now and I'm getting a bunch of pimples. Before I started the pills, I didn't use any mousturizer or sunscreen because every single one I tried (and I tried a bunch) would break me out so I used to living without either.

Now, I am trying to treat the dryness and keep myself safe from the sun (I live in Florida) while on Isotretinoin and I'm using CeraVe Facial Moisturizer with 15SPF in the morning and a combo of organic jojoba and Skinceauticals gel hydrator at night.

How can I be sure whether I'm breaking out because of some ingredient in either or both or it's the normal month 1,2 or 3 isotretinoin breakouts that most people get before they totally clearup?

Has anyone had this issue and if so, what have you done about it?

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I went to Florida on holiday when I was on roaccutane, I had to be amazingly careful that my skin didn't get burnt. So i tried 'simple' facial sunscreen, they have like factor 10-30. It was amazing, I broke out probably once but I would just get out in the sun and let it dry out. It worked, You could just be breaking out because of your hormones, they wont just stop... Something may have aggrivated it, but just do trial and error, simple have a website which gives reviews, etc. try it!

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