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Is This A Sign Of Fantastic Liver Function Or Dreadful Liver Function?

If you drink 3/4 of straight vodka and hardly get drunk and end up just tired and not getting a hangover would that indicate you have an amazing liver or the exact opposite ? sort of like its not even filtering the alcohol?

I asked this question to my nutritionist as I used to drink a lot of straight vodka, and i needed a lot also because i couldnt get drunk most times and i never had hangovers so it never bothered me. despite the cost. he said that its a sign my liver ISNT working properly, but for so long i figured my liver was just that great at filtering alcohol i was a heavy weight and needed to drink a lot.

thing is i weight 53 kg and for my height i should be drunk on one standard drink like my sisters. Skinny and tall people were in shock how much alcohol i had to go through and most the time out of curiosity i would just keep drinking to see if i could get any type of decent drunk because it baffled me. I usually just stopped wasting the money because as time went on id just sober up 100% and get tired despite consuming more. Please dont judge obviously I so do not even drink anymore im just really curious if that is infact that case despite my liver test coming back healthy that i infact my have a horrible liver to the point the alcohol just passes straight through me?

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it was an honest question im trying to understand the liver and my problem, thats why im trying to ask people that know a lot that i dont :/

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I have stopped drinking for a year, back then I knew nothing about the body and all my friends had the same habits as me, they still drink but I've stopped. Was just curious bout the liver function

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