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My skin has been clearing up and I was feeling better about my skin. I went to my derm's aesthetician for microdermabrasion. I had been once before and was shocked when she used a needle to excise pimples and help pop. I've had many facials before and never had that happen, but this was at a dermatologist's office... so I figured it was okay. I went on Monday and she went to town with the needle, poking already popped pimples. Then she went at a cyst that I had for over a month. My derm saw it when it first popped up, told me it was "not inject-able". So, I left it alone and in the last few weeks, it's been going down. It was almost gone when she decided to mess with it. Well, two days later it's totally inflamed and angry! I'm pretty mad that she made it worse.

Anyone had problems with an aesthetician overstepping their bounds and making your skin more angry?

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Not yet. Sounds like she might of not been paying that much attention. I would call your dermatologist and explain the situation an ask what you can do about it. If your doc is no help try to look up remedies to make it less swollen. Next time they decide to do that be sure to tell them what your doc said before they start poking your face. Although sad but true, they are not going to be as careful with someone else's face as they would be with their own.

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