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Indian Girl Broke Out Badly In The Summer, Also After A Bad Facial Wax Experience... Left With Pih Marks. (Pix Inside :( )


I'm S and I'm a 19 year old Indian-Canadian.

I used to have very perfect skin until..well, 17.Then I got one or two pimples. Not something I worried about.

However this summer I broke out bad--5 big pimples on each side of my face. And I tried everything. BTW BP never worked for me!

I tried Steaming, apple cider vinegar, masks.

Eventually they subsided, but I was left with big red marks like this:


lol, please ignore the goofy smile. I have no idea why I was happy. During this time I was extremely obsessive and actually quite shocked and depressed about my skin!

because I started out with my skin like this:


and now I was experiencing so much redness!

Now, I was able to get them to fade quite a bit and actually peel off like scabs with regular moisturizing with Palmer's skin therapy oil, and some mild exfoliating, and then I covered the dots that remained with some makeup, and I went on with my life. They were not noticeable.

However, the last few months I've been breaking out here and there, and they keep leaving marks like that on my face! I was wondering...Anyone use gycolic acid MASK? Is 10% at all effective? I used this:


for the first time yesterday, and my skin feels so smooth and awesome!

However, this morning I applied HYDROQUINONE (altho it had turned kinda brownish :/) on some spots and in a few hours the whole area surrounding the hyperpigmentation is pinkish, a little irritated!!!

Will the one time use of Hydroquinone make my skin irritated enough to break out/create more hyperpigmentation?!!

Do you think a glycolic acid 10% mask for 20-30 minutes a night will be effective?

Should I go for a higher acid content?

BTW, my scars now look like this:


But of course, darker/redder in person.

Oh and I ALSO have a (pretty sure) huge black head that turned into a pimple, popped it and there's still a red bump. It's practically the same size.


This post sucks sad.png

Dont be mad at me for making this post convoluted


To recap:

Will glycolic acid 10% mask 4-5 times a week be really beneficial for both acne AND the remaining PIH?

Will the spoiled hydroquinone-induced irritation cause more hyperpigmentation issues? sad.png How do I calm the irritation? Its not shown in the photos but its a pinkish stain surrounding the brown areas.

What else can I do?

Is too much exfoliating bad?

HOW DO I GET RID OF THIS popped blakc-head/pimple bump?! It's huge sad.png


I guess I obsess a LOT. I obsess sooo much. I've read the posts and googled the crap out of acne.org but now I want to join!

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Honey you don't have scars just pih and also be careful with hydroquinone cause it was banned in europe for causing cancer in mice.As for blackhead pimple bump maybe try some tea tree oil on it.Have you tryed some natural things for the pih?Lemon juice and honey masks are surpposed to be good.By the way i wish i had your skin,i have pitted scars cry.gif

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hydroquinone dont work very well in phototypes IV-VI...For applying a despigmentant, the pimple needs to be completely gone without any open wound and nor irritation by glycolic acid. Start with something like shea butter..

Glycolic prevents acne exfoliating, but not treats it. Don't use this mask for cure it. Go to salicilic for instance.

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Oh yes, I used the hydroquinone only pigmented spots with NO breakouts!! ^

^^Yes! I've tried and continue to use lemons, honey, eggs, yogurt, turmeric, etc etc on my skin. However, it hasn't been giving me much of a result. I am unsure why, because I am a big proponent of using natural ingredients. maybe I am expecting too much, too soon.

My current concern is the red "stain", almost, of the spots I used hydroquinone on..my spots are now a little lighter, but surrounding areas are pink!!! Look irritated, and blanch when pressed. WEIRD!


Im very sad. I hate wearing makeup to cover my skin!

BTW, tea tree only works sometimes for me. Not really very reliable! AND DON'T SAY YOU WANT MY SKIN! :(

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I can't really answer most of your questions, but I have a couple things to say:

1) You're SO PRETTY!

2) Obsessing over this crap is BAD, very, very, very, very BAD. I am 25, had perfect skin until 4ish months ago, started obsessing over a pimple I had by picking/popping etc. and it just got worse and worse for weeks, during which time I developed a horrible picking/popping habit. I started picking everything I could see, and that made things way worse. I stopped caring for about a month, stopped picking, and my skin improved. Then, I picked again one night in September and it has been extreme downhill ever since, to the point where now I have a couple cysts on my face, literally hundreds of clogged pores/whiteheads, a couple scars, pustules, blackheads, etc. And I am completely obsessed with my skin. I'm extremely depressed, don't want to leave my room, scrutinize my face in the mirror for probably a couple hours every day, thinking about my skin 24/7, picking and popping a little bit, etc. And it just keeps getting worse. So PLEASE don't obsess over it, because I know that if my mind were concentrated on something else, if I weren't staring in the mirror, worrying, popping, it would at least improve. Please don't let yourself get to where I am, PLEASE!

3) Yes, over exfoliation is bad. I believe that is what got me in this mess in the first place. I had a couple clogged pores, maybe like 7 on my chin combined, and I thought "exfoliate and they'll be gone!" so I exfoliated like mad - used an exfoliating facial brush in the shower along with a washcloth at times, used a BHA exfoliant twice a day, stopped moisturizing (I don't know what I was thinking there) - basically just cleaning my face raw. And I went from 7 clogged pores to oh, about 200. So please, please do not overexfoliate.

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1) THANKS! that's so sweet.

2) I'll take your advice on that. My skin did indeed get worse when I started obsessing and overusing/overabusing my skin with chemicals like hydroquinone, etc. Acne can be so hard mentally... More than physically, even.

3) I'll be careful. I physically exfoliate very gently about once a week, and use my glycolic acid mask three times a week. What do you think?

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3) That sounds about good, if your skin seems to be handling it well. It's amazing how different everyone's skin is, and how what works for one (or many) might not work for someone else. Personally, physical exfoliation seems to be an absolute terror for my skin. I'm pretty sure it tears the skin which causes an array of issues. Rather, my skin seems to prefer a light BHA application, but I'm still trying to figure out how often. Nightly seems to be best, but I'm still wondering if that's overdoing it. It's just such a journey figuring out what is causing skin issues, and how to "fix" them, but I am pretty confident that even the worst of skin issues can be tamed, it's just a matter of figuring out HOW and what your skin likes and doesn't like, etc., and for some people, straightening out internal imbalances.

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what you gotta start doing is stop treating acne from the outside to the inside, the contrary instead. Its weird that you start breaking out at your age, something had to change, do you have low-abdominal pain? sometimes girls get like cysts in her reproductive system making them break out, of course, this doesnt happen too often. Start eating better, and i dont mean kellogs cereals, no sugar (sucrose, corn syrup, etc) , no junk food and omega 3 supplement (fish oil, cod liver oil, chia seeds) and zinc (i recommend 50 mg zinc gluconate), you wont miss your clear skin anymore.

PS: cut off all those products or stay with the cleanser, they might be irritating your face which makes your skin prone to breakouts. good luck

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