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Day 3 On The Regimen - Whoa.

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I wasn't going to start a regimen log, or even sign up for the forums, but after seeing a definite change in my skin after just three days, I had to write something.

Before I found the Regimen, I was using Lush Fresh Farmacy bar with a washcloth and scrubbing the crap out of my face, Clinique toner alternated with ACV/water, and Burt's Bee's moisturizer at night/Aveeno Positively Radiant in the morning. This had worked for me for years (I am 21 now), until I got off hormonal BC and my skin went absolutely haywire. I now know that BC was the reason for my having relatively clear skin, but I am unable to go back on it because of severe migraines. My skin has gotten progressively worse over the last few months. I was waking up every day with large pimples under the skin on my cheeks and jawline and TONS of small whiteheads on my chin and forehead. I was getting about a cyst a week. I tried changing up my skincare regimen but every change only seemed to make things worse. Cue the regimen.

I was extremely skeptical about foregoing my precious exfoliation, my toners, masks, and worst of all makeup. But I'm glad I did! The first two days on the regimen were terrible, as the BP causes SERIOUS itching on my face. Luckily, it didn't cause much redness and the flaking hasn't started up too badly yet. I wasn't expecting to see an improvement during those days, but I did notice I was getting fewer new pimples.

Now today. The third day on the regimen, and the I can genuinely tell there is a change in my skin. Not only do I not have any new large breakouts that are under the skin, the smaller ones on my chin have started to come to a head. Considering this has never happened before, and they have up until this point been lurking as bumps on my chin for weeks, I would say this is massive progress towards their healing. The redness and inflammation is nonexistent, making my skin as a whole look SIGNIFICANTLY better. The bumps on my forehead and hairline are getting smaller and smaller.

All in all, I am EXTREMELY happy with my first three days on the regimen and am definitely going to try to stick with it! I have a birthday dinner with friends on Friday and that is the first time I'm going to be using foundation this week. I guess I will find out just how badly my skin reacts to my foundation then.

For the record, the products I am using: Noxzema Triple Action Foaming Cleanser (no "bad" ingredients that I could find, I was extremely partial to it before the regimen), Equate brand BP lotion, 2.5%, and Eucerin Sensitive Skin SPF 30 moisturizer (I need an SPF higher than 30 without fail, as I am extremely fair and BP makes my skin way more sun-sensitive.)

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Day 4 - I caved last night and bought the jojoba oil. Found a good sized bottle of high-quality oil for $16 at my health food store (which is actually the most expensive product I've had to buy for the regimen so far). I don't know how I didn't find out about this stuff before, it makes my skin feel absolutely amazing!

Woke up this morning and all the uninflamed acne that was purging from my chin was barely visible (one great thing about being on a specific regimen is that I've noticed it makes me a lot more aware of picking, and therefore less likely to!) and again - NO NEW ACNE. The jojoba oil did a great job of soothing my poor BP-burnt skin and gave me a "glow" akin to something I would have to buy at a makeup counter. My existing lesions have started to dry out, and the only big issues are two cysts on my jawline that are still pretty painful.

I have a "before" picture from the first day of the regimen, seriously considering uploading it next to a one-week after pic.

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That's awesome! It truly is amazing how well the Regimen works in just a few days. This is my second time on it but my first time using jojoba oil (as a makeup remover and mixing 5 drops with the moisturizer) and my skin actually feels very smooth. I'm hoping this continues as the BP amount is pumped up--if it will resolve the issues with flakiness that I had before, I am completely sold! Good luck to you, and can't wait to see before and after pics. :)

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I started using the jojoba oil as an eye makeup remover too, and it works wonders! I just put a few drops and rub it on my eyes before I wash. It also really helps the dryness around my eyes from when I accidentally have gotten the BP in that area once or twice. I'm only using one or two drops with my moisturizer, as my skin is not insanely dry yet. I'm also adjusting nicely to the BP (I guess I don't have super-sensitive skin) so I may up the dosage soon.

I just finished my first week and it has seriously been amazing. I haven't completely cleared up my any means, but there is one huge, massive improvement that has me jumping for joy. I am not sure if the BP caused this, but the clogged pores/blackhead-ish looking things on my nose are lessened, probably by about 80%. I used to be able to sit there and squeeze them individually (so gross) but as of right now, there are almost no pores that look "dirty." It's amazing, I used to scrub and scrub and use tons of masks and harsh products trying to get rid of them. My first thought when reading about the regimen was "GAH, my nose is going to look worse than it does already!" Guess Dan showed me.

I did get one or two new inflamed pimples, and one cyst on my forehead. However, it is about one week from "that time of the month" so I'm still considering the regimen thus far a smashing success. My small, uninflamed acne on my chin and jawline has still not cleared up, but it does look slightly less bumpy.

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