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Finally! Progress With Cystic/sever Acne, Here Is How I Did It!

Hey guys and gals, for the past two years I have struggled with severe/cystic acne, and have tried just about every treatment known to man. I have been on Accutane, Minocycle, Ampicilin, Bactrum (found out i was allergic to sulfa medications), Dapsone, and most recently, Doxycycline. After the Accutane failure (I did about 10000mg, but never stopped breaking out with pyogenic granulomas which required an unhealthy amount of Prednisone to suppress). I have also tried many topical products, so many that I fear if I bothered to list them, you may lose interest in this thread and simply hit "back", but don't, I have a very interesting story on how I finally solved my problem.

Step 1: I cut dairy milk from my diet, I had always loved it as a kid, drank a ton a day, but I made a promise to stop drinking it and see what would happen in terms of my skin. I found a great replacement to be Hemp Milk with protein powder mixed in to make up for the lack of protein (my only advice is not to use whey protein).

Step 2: I started to drink Green tea, but not just any green tea. I drink Teavana's Imperial Grade Matcha, Ceremonial Green Tea. I mix it in every day with my water bottles before I head off to class, and drink it cold (I think this is just easier to make for people like me who are college students and don't have full kitchens / easy access to hot water). It is somewhat expensive, but trust me it is worth it, you feel so much better about yourself, plus the caffeine in it is a decent substitute for coffee.

Step 3: I cleaned up my diet, and not just milk. I stopped eating fried foods, pizza, and really cut down on desserts. I have read many mixed reviews about dietary changes and results for acne, but even if it doesn't help your acne convincingly, it certainly makes you feel better and more energetic to eat well.

Step 4: I stopped feeling bad about myself (at least tried...) and started running every night. Again, its not something that necessarily helps with acne directly, but it can be a big stress relief, plus the idea of getting fit / getting in shape relieves stress, promotes endorphins, and thus helps not only to reduce breakouts, but living a happier life in a period that is no doubt stressful enough already.

Step 5: I take the Doxycycline antibiotic at night, its so cheap to buy on a monthly basis, but I will refrain from suggesting a dosage for you and let the experts (a dermatologist...) handle the dosage for you.

Step 6: I take two showers a day, and use "Hibiclens" (which is a 4.0% Chlorhexidine Gluconate active ingredient solution) to wash my face and neck areas (where I deal with the most significant breakouts). I let it soak in for about 3-5 minutes before I wash it off.

Step 7: I use Stridex Alcohol Free, Salicylic Acid 0.5%, "Sensitive with Aloe" cleansing pads in preparation for my night time creams.

Step 8: About 10 minutes after using the Stridex pads, I use Tazorac cream, 0.1%, on my face, and neck. Many people have complained about the initial breakout, but with my regimen, the doxycycline, green tea, and dietary improvements do a lot to really reduce the size of the initial breakout. It makes the first couple weeks a lot more bearable than if you just try to chief it with Tazorac alone.

This is my first post ever on the forums, but I really wanted to share what worked for me with you guys. I fought so hard for 2 years and now I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, I just have to work on my scars. I know so many of you go through so much pain and agony with this, I did, and continue to do so with the scarring. I just hope you guys have the courage to continue to fight the good fight, and if you try my regimen, you will not only see great improvement with your skin, but you'll feel healthier and more energetic as well with the dietary changes I suggested!

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This is corage!

So basically you have attacked acne from 4 ways and also using 2 different antibiiotics...wow dude!

The best idea of all was taking care of your mood and your nutrients that give weapons to your body to repair

your skin: This is 75% of the success.

I'm really impressed...I just had a mild-to moderate breakout and I was discoraged...You're now my idol XDDD

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I often read this forum, as evidenced by my two posts, I think its clear that I do not usually speak my mind. However, I see a lot of people dismiss cures, and I think the best way to treat acne is not just doing 1 thing at a time, and trying to see what helps, but making a whole bunch of positive changes at once and something good is bound to happen. I am glad you find my post encouraging, and don't ever be discouraged (although I know from experience this is hard, considering I used to be depressed about acne to the point where I did not want to do anything social, but they say, the only way to get through hell is to keep on going!)

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Congrats! I agree with the above posts: what worked for me was attacking my acne from several angles; topical and diet. In addition to a three-part medication and cleansing regimen (salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid) I've managed to reduced my dairy intake greatly, I've started yoga and cardio again, and I've added a daily zinc supplement as well as drinking green tea kombucha when i can. I've also learned to give things at least one month to work- your skin turns over every 24-48 days. So if you get an initial break-out or haven't seen progress after a few days you've got to keep at it! That was really hard for me to learn. I still get occasional pimples, but I'm on my way to clear skin. You've had much more of a struggle than I and I'm so happy you found the combination that was right for you. Spread the word!

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