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Do I Use Clindamycin Lotion Before Or After Tretinoin Gel?

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Hi All!

I was recently prescribed Clindamycin lotion to add to my Tretinoin gel regimen. I am getting my Rxs from a general nurse practitioner, not from a derm, and she said it shouldn't matter if I apply Clindamycin before or after my Tretinoin. I've tried to find an answer to my question in the forums but it seems like most people only use Clindamycin in the AM, and it was prescribed for me to use TWICE DAILY.

I know the reason behind allowing 20-30 min to pass after washing before applying Tretinoin gel is because moisture doesn't allow the medicine to penetrate the skin fully and receive the full effect (or at least that's how I've understood it). So should I be applying the Clindamycin after washing, then wait 20-30 min and apply the Tretinoin gel?

Or does applying the Tretinoin BEFORE help the Clindamycin absorb better in turn getting the best effect (I read studies that indicate this works for Differin, but couldn't find an answer about if it is the same for Tretinoin). I'm just concerned that because the Clindamycin is watery it may lessen the effects of the Tretinoin if I were to apply the Clindamycin AFTER the Tretinoin.

So...Clindamycin BEFORE or AFTER Tretinoin? And how long to wait between their applications? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

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Hi :) This same regimen was prescribed to me back when I went to a dermatologist! It really doesn't matter which order but after I waited some time after washing my face at night I'd apply the Clindamycin wait about ten minutes then apply Tretinoin.

This got me clear by the way! Until that fateful summer..

That was probably my fault though.

Anyway hope I helped! :D

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Thank you both! Looks like I've been using it correctly then (just by chance!).

LforLove- Glad to hear that this regimen cleared you up! I really think this will finally relieve me of my 10 year battle of mild/moderate acne! The Nurse Pratitioner also went ahead and called in a Rx for Doxycycline and said if I'm not seeing a dfifference in a month to get it filled and start taking it 2x daily, so I feel like I'm covered all the way around! So what happened to make you think you did something that made you start breaking out again over "that fateful summer?" I hate to hear that for anybody.

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Well what happened to me was that I got so clear I decided I didn't need my medication all that much anymore. I went out a lot and slept in my makeup. (Tisk Tisk *I know*) When I finally went back to it after a breakout it was too late. Idk if the effect wore off the second time or if I was being impatient and did the regimen wrong. But yeah just stick with it!

Good luck (:

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