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Your Favorite Natural Products For Helping Heal Red Marks?

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Hello, friends,

Just wondering what your favorite natural products for helping with PiH are, and how they worked for you?

Thus far, I have used:

Turmeric (works well)

Jojoba Oil (unsure of effect)

ACV (unsure of effect; generally helps skin, though)

I hear Manuka honey is very good, as well as emu oil. What are your thoughts?

Thank you!

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Hahaha cat lady!

I use raw organic honey from Trader Joe's smile.png $5!

Wow, I didn't even think about how that would be amusing when I posted it ... just went off of your little thumbnail. :D

Thank you for the info. I wound up investing in manuka ... wowza!

Plain yogurt. It works really well for evening out my entire complexion. Yay, lactic acid.

Oh yeah ? I love yogurt - I should try this. Perhaps I could mix it with the manuka honey ...

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Guest pokemonster

thin layer of wheat sprout or avocado or walnut oil overnight, gives nice little temporary improvement

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Raw honey (Dutchman's from WholeFoods) and for deeper cleanse, Raw, Organic Manuka Honey (Wedderspoon), UMF 15+. Keeps my pH intact and skin clear and youthful. Bottomline, keep it simple and sweet (KISS)!

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