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Small Hard Bump After Whitehead

So I had this white head show up on my face a few weeks ago. It was painful for a couple days but then stopped hurting. Well I didn't pop the whitehead, and let my body take care of it. The white head is gone, and has been gone but there's a little hard bump under the skin where it was. I haven't picked at it and the only time I really touch it is when I put my moisturizer on after washing my face. Any clue what this is or when it will go away?

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I get these too when I don't pop a whitehead. I had one on my eyebrow for a long time and I was convinced it would never go away. It did though, I can't tell you how long it took, it just slowly went down. I'm not positive what it is, but it must be a remnant of the inflamed pimple, just not inflamed anymore. In my experience if you just leave it, it will go away.

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I have one in "recovery" right now. Actually I have about three. One is more pronounced than the others. It's smack dab in the center of my forehead with a cousin right below it. I always let them do there thing w/out popping. It(the big one) formed a nice whitehead. I washed my face and did my SA lotion and moisturizer routine. I actually put an extra dab of moisture on the big guy to loosen the whitehead from the inflamed pore. Went to bed and repeat. Whitehead gone but a bump with redness remains. Inflammation. Take an Ibuprofen if it bothers you that much. Otherwise it will go away. Some do heal faster than others -some don't. Mine is just red today but the bump has gone down @ least by 50%. Yaya!

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