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Happy Skin Finally! :)

Everyones skin is different, so I think it takes a while to see if something works for your skin. I personally have been through so many products and kits its ridiculous, from ProActive to Clinique, AcneFree, MyChelle, KissMyFace, to basic bars of soap and all the drugstore acne washes there are. Depressing!

I have moderate acne- mostly around my chin and jawline and lower cheeks. Nothing crazy, but annoying and uncomfortable.

The two things I think have had a huge impact on my road to happy skin:

1. The biggest thing I've came to realize, is stay with a regimen for a least 3 months, because I have flip-flopped around products so quickly because they weren't working that its no wonder my skin was hating me! Stick with it!

2. Choose gentle products (I swear thats the only reason proactive doesn't work long term...because the cleanser is so harsh)

Here is my routine:


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Dan's BP

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing GEL (my life-long staple)

Desert Essence Jojoba Oil (sometimes i just mix it in my hand with clinique gel-but i kinda like the dewey look of it if you put it on after)

Some nights I use a prescription retin-A if I have a stubborn spot or blackheads. - this stuff works amazing for me.

Also I use Burts Bees Citrus Facial Scrub a few nights a week if I have any dry skin, I follow i with Cetaphil cleanser and my skin feels AMAZZZING.

This is what works for me, and I'm sure your skin is different than mine, but I think the key to skin care is gentle and consistant, (natural if possible-which i realize none of my products are...besides burts bees and jojoba oil) I have tried to use natural products, but they never seem to do the job for me. Honestly I don't worry about cleansers being natural, because its on your face for 5 seconds and down the drain it goes, not enough time for damage. However moisturizers are another story because they sit on your face for hours and soak in, I would really like to find a good natural one. I have heard good things about alba and avalon organics, but I dont want to drift off my path. Haha. I like this face now!

Anywho, hope that encourages someone out there, as I have read many posts about success and really appreciated it and found it interesting to hear different approaches to skin care. rolleyes.gif

Cheers to happy skin! :)

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