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What Side Effects I Should Expect On 20Mg Of Accutane?

31 years old just been prescribed accutane 20 mg, can i expect anything more than just chapped lips and very dry skin, there is only 30 pills in the box so i'm thinking that i only have to take 1 every 2 days until my next derm appointment in 2 months.

many thanks

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You derm should have made an appointment for the same day, next month. You're suppose to have monthly blood tests and doctor appointments every month, not every other month.

I'm guessing its 20mg every day as well, but I'm not sure. Also 20mg is a low dose, so I wouldn't expect crazy side effects. I'm on 80mg, and on day 12 and my skin and lips got very dry, but all of the sudden a couple days ago they went back to normal. Can't explain it, so the side effects all depend on the person, but I wouldn't expect too much frm 20mg

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Hi Seymour,

There are many other side effects that might occur. If you just go on drugwatch.com and type accutane, you will get the whole list. In my case, I had some serious stomach issues with the same dose and got really freaked out after I learned about all the other possible side effects. Because when I went to the derm, I did not really care, I wanted to get a clear skin and feel comfortable with myself but when I realize how dangerous that medication could turn out to be, I decided to find another alternative. I would not trade my health for a good looking skin. I discovered a 100% organic acne solution that not only cleared my skin but made it less oily and kept it moisturized. It is called Dermify and I purchased it on Amazon while I was searching for a natural alternative. Give it a try, that might work as well for you. good luck!

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