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Violet Fire

So Who's Actually Been Diagnosed With A Food Intolerance/allergy?

It seems everyone on here is just assuming they have some kind of allergy or intolerance to certain foods, who has actually gone to a doctor and been tested?

I've been tested and have intolerance to dairy and yeast and am currently waiting for test results to see if I have celiac disease and a few other things.

How do you know your acne caused by sugar isn't something more serious like insulin resistance and your gluten trigger breakout isn't celiac disease?

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i was lactose intolerant from birth. my mom used to buy me lactaid to drink when i was a baby. i also had pills i could take whenever i had dairy. but i got tired of using them and my mom got tired of buying that expensive lactaid. rather than avoid dairy like a smart person, i have since indulged in dairy... chocolate, cheese, milk, cake, cream cheese... these are a few of my favorite things. i never have any obvious reactions (except i do get mildly bloated) but i would assume i'm still lactose intolerant but just... less intolerant since i've exposed myself to it. i always had perfect skin up until this year, which i think is because i quit my birth control and it sent my hormones out of whack. i did notice dairy and junk food in general made my hormonal acne worse... but now that i've got my skin under control again i have no problem eating dairy in large quantities again. (though i have some self-control now due to a concern for my weight and general health. milk is really not good for you in itself.) i've concluded, for myself, it's unrelated to the cause of my acne but allergies (food or non-food) or intolerances could certainly aggravate an existing condition. for reference, i'm myself allergic to dust, dust mites, cats, mango sap and tree bark, and generally everything in the fucking air here in florida. i'm always sniffling. but i still had perfect skin up until the hormone problems.

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I have been diagnosed with a gluten allergen. However, before going in to be tested I knew it was gluten, I knew for about 1 year before even being tested for it, and I had to let the doctor know that I would like to tested for it. I believe many people can confuse gluten allergens with celiac though. I would also like to say that I am sure there are many people out there that have allergies and have yet to be diagnosed but also avoid certain foods, when the symptoms are strong it is very easy to notice. However, it is hard to notice if it is the direct cause of acne, it can be but it would be based on an individual basis. I agree that many people on this forum have stated they have allergens or intolerance without actually being tested. The thing about that is that there are many thing that can cause acne and just because you ate something and the next day or two you get a zit does not mean it was the food, that would be a silly silly test indeed for people to use but they do that.

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