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Everything Smooth Sailing... Then Onslaught Of Bumps?

So I've been using the regimen for quite a few months now, and it cleared up my skin completely. I am extremely happy with the results. However, suddenly I have an whole onslaught of bumps popping up on my face for seemingly no reason whatsoever, and no matter how I up the dosage of BP, it just won't go away.

I checked what products I may have changed, but the only thing that's changed is I started using the acne.org AHA treatment for my back. But that's all, and for that I followed the regimen to the letter as well. I'm completely puzzled by this, and frankly, very worried.

Any help is appreciated!


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hmm thats weird... i think it would help to figure out what caused the bumps, like did you skip a step recently, or your skin is drier than usual, eat more junk food than usual, etc.

and if theyre tiny bumps i dont think BP would help. BP makes it so that bacteria cant survive on your skin, but the teeny tiny bumps are usually caused by dry/dead skin or clogged pores

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Thank you for responding, ilovesmesomevanity!

I have considered what may have changed in my routine and have narrowed it down to just adding the AHA for my back, changing my bedsheets, and becoming lazy about removing all of my mascara. I did notice that BP has no effect on tiny bumps, but these are definitely acne bumps, and I had assumed that no matter the cause, since BP doesn't differentiate, it would just get rid of it with ease. I can't understand why it isn't when I haven't changed my usage of the BP at all except for increasing the amount I use. It's all very confusing. : /

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