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Tinted Benzoyl Peroxide, Does It Cover Up The Pimple?

So I'm a big fan of Benzoyl peroxide, i use it to cure all my acne, but my zits tend to be large red and painful until they go away, not to mention embarrassing since ALL my acne is on my nose. I was looking for tinted Benzoyl Peroxide cream, but can only find tinted adult acne cream with Resourcinol and stuff for adult acne, but I'm 14 so i am looking for tinted Benzoyl Peroxide cream and not adult acne cream. My question is, when and if i do find tinted Benzoyl Peroxide cream, does it cover up the pimple because its skin tinted, or does it just make it less noticeable not having white on your face when it dries? I'm really hoping it covers up, so I'm hoping someone here has used it before and can tell me if it does. I'm a guy so no makeup or anything, thanks!

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In my experience, it doesn't help that much. I think it is still noticeable but maybe I'm over judging. Perhaps you will have better luck than I in finding the right tone. Finding the right hue of color to as closely as possible match your skin is key to getting right.

And the adult acne cream shouldn't matter, I'd say you can still use it. Resourcinol is just an anti-bacterial and light numbing component. Good luck!

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Tinted BP never looked right on me and it never covered well either. I know you're a guy, but you can still use concealer or mineral makeup just on trouble spots. Find the exact match to avoid the obvious look. I suggest mineral makeup because it comes in many tones and shades which makes it easier to get a perfect match.

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