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Hi smile.png

I'm new here- just looking for advice.

I'm 15 and have moderate acne (i think anyways) I've had it since i was around 12. I get blackheads/whiteheads and very bad spots on my chin that are deep under the skin and hurt. Most of them are red and inflamed and my forehead and nose have quite a few of these too. On my time of the month they get much much worse too.

So far i have tried loads of different creams/gels/face washes and none have worked, the salycic acid or whatever in the creams really irritate my skin.

Finally went to the doctor and she seemed to have dealt with this many times before, she gave me Acnamino 100mg and told me to take 1 a day for 4-6 months. She said that to give it a few months and if nothing was happening to come back to her so she could refer me to the dermatologist and they could prescribe 'roaccutane' (not sure if that was the name but something like that anyways). She says that she is afraid of scarring and jumped straight to the antibiotics on my first visit.

My diet is good btw-

Does it sound like the acnamino will work much? any advice will be appreciated greatly.

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I would recommend Terminator 10 by AcneFree, it is a 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Cream meant to be used 2-3 times a day without causing irritation to skin or over drying, it has stopped my skin from over drying compared to traditional 10% BP cream. You can find it at most pharmacies, I found mine at Walgreens, it's right next to all the other AcneFree products so shouldn't be to hard to find, it is in an orange box. I have similar mild acne like you and am around the same age but I'm a guy but that really shouldn't effect the results you see, also if they are noticeable, since you are a girl I would recommend using a little makeup to cover it up, AFTER the acne cream is applied and completely dry (about 5 minutes wait time), if the appearance of the zit bothers you. Goodluck!


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Thanks for the reply, I'm in the uk so don't have a clue about where I could find this. Does bp not irritate your skin? Mine happens to be really sensitive.

Forgot to add- it's on my neck and back too.

You can get BP prescribed to you from the doctor - thats how I get mine (or alternatively you can order straight off this site)

Yes BP does irritate your skin. When you first start using it your skin will be red and flakey so you need to apply lots of moisturizer and re-apply when necessary.

After a while it should subside though, it really does help greatly in reducing current zits and preventing further ones form appearing, so the flakey skin and redness for a little while makes it worth it!

You need a good moisturizer, one that won't block your pores, I personally use http://www.boots.com...isturiser_8379/ from boots as it works great for me.

You can use BP on your neck and back too, it works just as great without the dryness you get on the face. Be mindful of the fact that BP does bleach. It can occasionally bleach clothes (minimally i have found, except for stuff you wear when you sleep if you apply to your back) but your bed sheets are doomed unless they are white!

Give BP a try and see where it takes you, good luck smile.png

Edit: as for the antibiotics you are taking, I'm not so sure. I take Erythromycin (not sure how similar it is) myself and find it doesn't do a great deal compared to the BP gel.

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Thanks very much, will try to get the bp from the doctor and stick the irritation. My doc just seems to think the anti biotics won't work too good and says that I really should be getting rocaccutane but she can't prescribe it. I'm worried about side effects lol.

Thanks, that moisturiser looks good. And it's in the uk too lol.

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Hi again, BP is an irritant but it depends on the person try to order the product I listed in my first post on this thread as it is specifically made to deliver the power of BP without the irritation so you probably won't need lotion if you use terminator ten, you can try the above posters and my recommendations but it's all your call, Goodluck!


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Hey, I wouldn't recommend it because I've tried everything... literally everything and nothing has worked, and if it did, it was in a short-term period.

I tried antibiotics and Roaccutane, both of which have bad side effects... didn't do the trick either.

I then found Dermaforte, it's an all natural product and it's ingredients are all natural and organic. I gotta say, since I've used it... I got amazing results, the redness reduced, their was less irritation, and I noticed old acne scars of mine have faded up to like 80%.. it definitely beats roaccutane especially since it's all natural.

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Thanks everyone, my skin has defo cleared a lot since my op. It's because of either

1) the antibiotics have worked in less than 3 days (unlikely)

2) I tried a moisturiser with tea tree oil and aloe Vera and the second ingredient is aloe Vera so it must be the reason! it has helped a lot!

Just a heads up to any of you who haven't tried it!

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