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Shaving Everyday Helped My Stubborn Mouth Acne.

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Hey guys, I've been trying a ton of stuff to help me with the REALLY stubborn acne and cysts I get around my mouth. Anywhere from 5-20 at a time. Other then my face being really red and irritated I have cleared up most of the rest of my face but I would constantly get cysts, nodules and normal acne all around my mouth. Mainly upper lip, lower lip, right by my nostrils, side of my mouth, upper chin right below my lip and a ton in the crease at your upper chin and lower lip. Nothing I was trying was working. Not even the stuff that was helping the rest of my face. I tried switching tooth paste to sls and fluoride free, diet wasnt helping too much, my mandelic acid and benzoil peroxide wasnt helping and non of the other crazy stuff I was doing helped.

Then I was wondering what made that different from he rest of my face. I only shaved every 2 weeks cause I thought the irritation broke me out but I remember some of my clearest times I was clean shaven. So I bought a really good razor and shaving cream and have been shaving everyday for 2 weeks and It has helped pretty dramatically. I don't know if it is the exfoliation I get from it, or just the fact the hair there is oily and irritating. I only have 1 spot around my mouth. I've also been shaving pretty much my whole cheeks aswell and down my neck and my face is doing a lot better. My neck still has some spots cause the hair there is harder to get too and by my ear and jawline but its all off to the side and not on he center of my face so im happy, and I look clean too =P

I know I have some kind of folliculitis ontop of my acne and I think that may be what it is clearing up. Who know, just some food for though for you guys. I know shaving everyday would be horrible for some of your skin types.

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