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Accutane Or Anxiety?

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Guys/Gals, it's healthy to be aware about accutance and it's side effects, but please don't stress over it or your skin. It's very unhealthy.

If you keep worrying all the time, it's going to cause anxiety.

I got VERY self concious over my skin. It ruined my social life, and I spent hours upon hours of researching everyday for remedies. Needless to say, I was I stressed out ALL the time. I started getting headaches, extreme facial flushing, abnormal bowl movments, eczema/really dry skin, dizzy, and I became unmotivated. I blamed all these on accutane. I went to my doctor, did blood work, and everything came back normal except my blood pressure was unusually high. I was clueless, and so was my doctor. It wasn't until I nearly passed out after getting a really big headrush and dizzy after something stressful happened that I realized I was experiencing symtpoms of anxiety.

I changed my lifestyle completely, immediately.

Now, after a couple months of my new lifestyle, all of those side effects have gotten very manageable and have almost gone away. I had those side effects for nearly 3 years...

No one cares what you look like!

Smile, laugh, and be active. It's worth it.

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