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Water Helps, Just Drink It!

Water really helps out if you drink plenty of it. Note: I am not saying stop everything else you are doing and just drink water, but it may just be the thing you need to finally get over your worst hump.

I do not know exactly why it helped me. I want to say it had something to do with flushing out my system and all the hormones I was dealing with during my junior year in high school. I was so ridiculously riddled with acne my junior year that when I first came to acne.org I was desperate. I had read that drinking lots of water helped, and I wasn't so desperate to drop mad cash on some new treatment. So I started to drink water.

Note: You will piss A LOT!

I carried a water bottle with me everywhere, work, school, gym etc. I drank so much water, but it was so worth it. I went from a moderately heavy to a light case of acne within a month. You can not believe how happy I was to not be completely disgusted with my face, and the only thing that changed was that I was drinking water.

hope this helps someone, it had its times when drinking water just sucked, but I did it. It might just be that thing that helps you get over your worst break outs.

PS. It wont cure your acne, it didn't cure mine, this just helped bring me down to a lighter case.

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