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Urine Therapy - My Log

I am taking antibiotics now and i heard its temporary and i dont want to try accutane and i treid lots of other stuff so for now i hope that UT will help :

i am putting pee on half my forehead to see if it will work i guess today is the 3-4 day that im putting this on my face and no results yet ( i know its nasty what im about to say ) :

i piss on my hand and put the pee on my face in the morning and before i go to sleep of course i wash my hand very good after -

i dont have any smell ( i believe) am i doing something wrong that it dosnt work

i know its gross no need to say it 100 times in this thread

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wow I give you props for trying it eusa_clap.gif

Ive heard of it but I dont think I would ever try it , It would just be too weird for me but you also have to try it for a while though huh?

Ive heard you have to wait for the results so good for you and wish you the best eusa_dance.gif

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i was very graphic - so thanks for a cool response - i also will try potato slices to fade scars - theres something that i would try if i knew it worked but because of all the failures im not going to drink piss- lol but to put it on the face is not that hard and like i said no smell

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Also take notice of your hand, the skin will become softer and pinker. I do not know about acne, but I suggest you try doing it more times if possible during the day. Do not wash with soap afterward, just use plain water.

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