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Acne 6 Month Progression Photos- Need Advice

Hey guys,

I'll try keep this as brief as possible.

So about 6 months ago i broke out by far the worse i ever have. I went to the doctors and got put on minocycline and duac gel for a month. After the month my acne died down a little, but not a lot. Since then i have tried a lot of different things, from apple cider vinegar, to manuka honey, to BP. I cut out dairy as well, and have always eaten a very healthy diet. Anyway i am going to post some before and after photos. I was wondering if i could get some advice from some of you gurus as to what type of acne I had before and what type i am dealing with now. Also after looking at the after photos, is there anything you could recommend me to use. The acne seems to be very localised to my right cheek. I'll get a papule, i will let it dry out and then another will just pop up, so they are constantly there. There will be times where my skin looks like its pretty much clear, and then a couple of days later I will get a wave of acne again.

Anyway here are the pics:

Before: left


Before: right


After right:


So there we are. How does this progress look.... poor, average, good? What do i need to do to get over the hurdle and get rid of this localised acne on my right cheek which refuses to go away.

Thanks a lot in advance

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Yeah, that's amazing! It looks like you mostly just have some hyperpigmentation left. Keep it up! You say it's mostly on your right cheek- do you hold the phone against your face on that side? Do you sleep on it or lean on your hand during the day? If that's the case, disinfecting the handset or keeping it a bit away from your face would help, as would changing your pillow cases often- and of course, don't touch your face!

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Cheers for the feedback. I make sure to avoid doing a lot of those things Akko. Would any products speed up the recovery process like AHA maybe?

also if i look in the right light i can see about a dozen small red bumps underneath all the redness, so i'm not really sure what to do about that

also if i look under the right light i can see about a dozen red bumps underneath all the redness, so not sure what i should do to get rid of them?

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