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Hello all...

So i started my course of accutane a week ago (taking one 20mg pill every second day for two weeks and a panafcortelone pill everyday) and JUST discovered this site. How fantastic!

Acne is something that I've never had too many issues with, maybe a few small breakouts but relatively clear skin. Unfortunately at the start of this year (to coincide with the start of university, and yes, copious amounts of alcohol and a generally terrible lifestlye) my cheeks became completely infested with cystic acne that just refused to leave; a year on I am ready to return to skin I'm proud of that doesnt require litres of foundation to look half normal! After dabbling in antibiotics, various washes, strange 'steam & extract' treatments, and returning my diet and lifestyle to its formerly prime condition haha, no change. So off to the dermatologist I went, and within 5 minutes it was deemed i would start accutane!

SO far on just a week the accutane/panafcortelone seems to have deflated the majority of my cysts, yay! although i can still feel them deep under my skin..

The plan is i will continue with the alternating 20mg for two weeks, and then move onto 20mg a day and half a panafcortelone tablet (halving my intake of these every two weeks till im all out!). And then the 6 week verdict from my dermo...

Basically, I'm pretty nervous.

It's summer in Australia, and i love the sun..my skin is an olive tone and i dont usually burn but i have this strange mixture of complete fear that i'll burn due to my skin's thinning on accutane and also complete contempt for having to go through summer a pasty yellow colour >.<

I think what I'm asking to anyone out there reading this, what is the skins reaction generally like to the sun? and what is a good oil-free suncreen!

I'm really too scared to put anything on my face my dermatologist hasn't approved, eek...hopefully these big lumps leave my face!

(I have attached a photo of my skin at the end of 2009 with no makeup and one that i took just then which makes it look actually alright compared to it in person haha. i have kind of avoided photos all year and couldnt find one of my acne at its worst- it has improved a lot, since ive seen my dermo)

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Hey! Good luck with your course. I just began mine on Dec 5th, so I will follow your progress since we started close. :-)

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Hi, welcome aboard!

I just want you to know that you are very pretty. =) Good for you in deciding to go for accutane. I hope that it gets rid of yours for good. I am about to start my sixth month of 80mg/day, my third course. (I have a log, but it's quite long) I don't have any pictures on there currently, but I should be putting some up soon. You will be able to see how awesome this stuff can be. It's so unreal to think that I had hundreds of cysts all over my cheeks and down my neck just 5 months ago. The first month is the worse, but then your body seems to acclimate somewhat and it gets easier as time goes on. I wouldn't worry too much about the sun. Just wear sunblock, coverup to a degree and don't stay out too long. It's a small price to pay, trust me! I just posted a link on my log to this awesome chart that will help you detect good and bad ingredients in products. It's awesome, so check it out.

Good Luck! :)

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So ive injured my foot at dancing, my physio thinks its a soft tissue tear. I wonder, how do muscles respond to healing on accutne? Does the whole process work slower as with skin or is it not hindered in anyway?


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